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Residential Technical Specifications


Live the Trend

Discover Sama Beirut's luxurious apartments in Ashrafieh and be part of a fashionable lifestyle by being at the minimum height of 115m above sea level and 52m from ground base

Independently accessed from Albert Naccache Street, and benefiting from a private ramp, a drop off area, a lobby, staircases and elevators, the 80 apartments range from 253m² to 526m² with a ceiling height of 3.35m from finish to concrete. 

Residential units are exceptionally well appointed and feature the highest specification quality standards in materials and high-tech functionalities.  

Sama Beirut welcomes its residents and visitors in a spacious, modern and elegant 200m² lobby reaching 4.5m in height. 

Six elevators serve the residential floors, physically and accessibly independent from the ones serving the offices part of the building.

The residential component of Sama Beirut starts from the 14th floor and extends up to the 50th top level.

  • 14th to the 19th floors embrace 3 simplexes : 296m², 373m² & 379m² 
  • 21st  and 22nd  floors embrace 2 simplexes: 494m² & 476m² 
  • 23rd to 29th floors embrace 3 simplexes: 280m², 395m² & 282m² 
  • 31st to 37th floors embrace 3 simplexes: 306m², 253m² & 309m² 
  • 38th and 39th floors embrace 2 simplexes: 526m² & 342m² 
  • The 40s section of the tower is dedicated to a special type of duplexes, which overlook the most stunning view over Lebanon with areas varying between 400m² and 500m².

The top part of Sama Beirut is a sumptuous 1,414m² penthouse, a villa in the sky, characterized by its own amenities: a private internal elevator, a 35m² internal garden, a 30m² pond in the main living area, a solarium of 147m2 together with a 30m2 pool in the upper floor, and internal mezzanine for the staff.

Environmentally-Savvy Apartments 

Residences are equipped with state-of-the-art smart home technologies for increased comfort and reduced energy consumption.

  • Setting the intelligent lighting to automatically turn on and off with the rising and setting sun will maximize the use of daylight and reduce the energy consumption of lighting.
  • Disabling all intelligent lighting, and making sure that no lights have been left on unnecessarily, with a single touch of a button. 
  • Integrating with occupancy sensors to turn off lights when a room is unoccupied. This can save up to 30% on lighting.
  • Displaying power consumption levels to help the tenants monitor energy use.
  • Setting a schedule based on need for the climate control systems (air-conditioning and heating).
  • Dimming lighting down to the required level while conserving energy.
  • Monitoring and managing all of the whole-house audio/video components and other smart home electronics to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. 

The Ultimate Workspace 

The main entry for the offices is situated on the Western part of the project, on Petro Trad Street.
The 2
nd to the 13th business floors privilege from their own private ramp, drop off area, lobby, staircases and elevators. The lower office floors overlook suspended gardens on the outside.

The animated and dynamic streets giving access to Sama Beirut offices provide the occupants with the city’s energy: banks, high-end restaurants, and casual coffee shops surround the project.

The lobby for the offices is 5m high from finish to concrete and is equipped with 3 elevators for the exclusive use of the office floors.

Office areas start from 117m² offering the flexibility of merging more than 2 offices for larger spaces, reaching 800m². The ceiling height is 3.35m from finish to concrete. Wisely conceived, the specific architectural layout and aesthetic features can be mapped out and optimized according to each company’s requirements, field and profession. 

The blue shaded glass façade gives its occupants light throughout the day, and views to enjoy as much as residential proprietors do. 

North, East, West or South, offices purchasers have the possibility to choose the most inspiring orientations for their business. 

The consultant commissioned to Acoustic Systems applies the latest methods on the entire building with the aim of considerably isolating noises. 

Sama Beirut is implementing the “Tower Business Feeling” offering the possibility to connect globally and prosper locally. 



Leisure & Comfort

At Sama Beirut, owners will benefit day and night from a complete range of first-rate facilities and premium services, in an absolute privacy:

  • 4,000m² of landscaped areas
  • 7 basements provide ample parking spaces to accommodate owners and their visitors, with a total capacity of 700 cars 
  • Storage Rooms
  • A 1000m² Club Spa equipped with a state-of-the-art workout area, an 11x5m hydrotherapy pool, as well as treatment rooms and innovative water features
  • A 230m² multi-functional room, reaching 4.3m in height, offering access to the garden
  • A convenient 240m² common drivers’ room including a waiting area with a kitchenette, toilets, and showers


Green Features

In its efforts to be a LEED Certified Green building, Sama Beirut acts with responsibility when it comes to the community.

Sama Beirut offers non-standard solutions to its owners, addressing practicality, privacy, and environmental issues without jeopardizing luxury and comfort.


Sama Beirut will consume 30% less water:

A 200m3/day capacity waste water treatment plant will store the treated water in the flush water tanks, the irrigation tank and the treated tank for the cooling towers.

The selected trees, plants and flowers will have limited water needs, thus reducing by at least 50% the irrigation demands. 

Air Quality

Sama Beirut has taken measures both to minimize the impact of the exhaust it generates and to enhance the quality of the indoor environmental conditions. Therefore, all construction materials will be environmentally friendly; exhaust systems, ducts and permeable materials will be equipped with high efficiency filters.


Sama Beirut has adopted several waste management techniques and measures to reduce the impact of the daily waste volume.

A tri-sorting chute system will equip the project. Each and every office and apartment will have a three-bin compartment for recycling the waste: one for paper and cardboard, one for aluminum, metals glass and plastics and a third one for organic and other refuse wastes.
Sink Grinders will be installed in the apartments’ kitchens.

Energy Saving

Every detail, whether glazing, lighting, chillers or hot water pre-heat is designed to help save 30% in building energy.


Sama Beirut’s glass panels were selected for their exceptional energy conservation properties, with a heat transmittance coefficient that is more than four times lower than a conventional single glazing glass and over two times lower than conventional double glazing. As a result, Sama Beirut owners will be capable of reducing heating and cooling consumption.

Air Conditioning System

Sama Beirut has opted for central centrifugal chillers with variable flow compressors. This system consumes 57% less electricity than a VRV system. 


Sama Beirut will be equipped with 4 generators set of 1,000 KVA each. By installing a heat recovery system, these generators will be also used to back-up the project’s heating system. 

LED Lighting Fixtures

Sama Beirut is embracing the LED bet, as the typical lifetime of LED is 50 times longer than the incandescent bulb. Hence, LEDs in Sama Beirut are expected to achieve energy savings of 30% on lighting and 10% on HVAC.


Sama Beirut has chosen the pioneer in energy saving solutions for elevators; the Finland based KONE®.

The system used reduces energy consumption and ensures a minimized waiting time.

These lifts will consume 40% less energy, while requiring 54% less power to operate.


Distinctive silhouette

Sama Beirut’s glass, from the French multinational leader Saint-Gobain, is neutral to blue in color, varying from transparency to graduation of shaded glass. The high performance solar control glass Cool-Lite ® range was selected for the project, based on its ability to provide energy saving and improved visual comfort.

Sound insulation

The glass also provides a high level of sound insulation. Furthermore it is strengthened for the heat, but can also be laminated which means that when it is combined with a structural sealant, it ensures a high level of safety for the occupants of the building.


Security Systems

In order to ensure a wholesome safety for the tower’s occupants, security measures are initiated and implemented.

The Seismic System

Sama Beirut is set to be the tallest building in the capital.

The technical design used, while known and executed across the world in high-rise buildings, remains a first in Lebanon. It has the main objective of enhancing the stability of the solid reinforced core wall while securing the comfort of the occupants so that they do not feel any movement of the building as a result of any seismic or wind load.

Sama Beirut’s structure can thus withstand the equivalent of an earthquake of up to 7 degrees on the Richter scale.

Firefighting System

Sama Beirut is designed according to the strict US norms (NFPA; the reference in high-rise buildings). The presence of detectors, alarms, sprinklers, fire-rated doors, fire reserve tanks, etc. in the entire building will allow occupants to safely escape from the occurrence of any fire hazard. 

Besides, all elevators landing doors are two hours fire-rated. Therefore, upon receiving a signal from the fire detector, the elevators return to the main lobby, let the passengers out, and remain there, idle, with open doors.

The building is also equipped with a firefighter elevator serving all floors as well as an evacuation elevator to be used by the firefighters.


More information soon


External Cladding and Glazing

Aluminum and Glass: Conforming to LEED with Triple Glazing; With Single Windows and Special Tailored Aluminum Section

Tiling and Flooring

Reception and Main Office Rooms: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Offices Lift Lobby: First Choice Mediterranean Grey Marble and White Marble Cut to Size

Wood Works

Main Entrance Door: Fire Rated 20 min. Veneered American Walnut, FR Mineral Core

All Internal Doors: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Main Door Handle: Brushed Stainless Steel Custom Made Design for Sama Beirut

Internal Door Handles: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Closets: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Vanities: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP


Paint: Office Tenant to Fit Out As per Project Specifications and Approved by AP
Decorative High Quality Paint (Guittet) in Lift Lobbies

False Ceiling

False Ceiling: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Roller Shades

Automated Roller Shades: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications, Requirements and in Keeping with External Appearance of the Tower and Approved by AP


Kitchen: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Sanitary Wares and Fixtures

Sanitary Wares and Fixtures: Office Tenant to Fit-Out as per the Project Specifications and Approved by AP

Mechanical Features

Cooling: · Cooling Provided Through the Project’s Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller Cooling System
· Each Office's Consumption is Controlled Through an Energy Meter
. Each Room Could Be Controlled Individually
· Cooling Could be Distributed Inside the Rooms Through Fan Coil Units. No External Units Could be Accommodated

Heating: · Heating Provided Through the Project’s Central Heating Plant
· Each Office's Consumption is Controlled Through an Energy Meter
. Provision For Each Room and Could be Controlled Individually

Electrical Features

Lighting: Modern Lighting in Lift Lobbies, Parking, Landscaping and Common Areas (Not internal to Offices) Provided in Conformity with LEED Requirements. Internal Lighting by the Tenants to Conform to the Project Specifications and to be approved by AP

Power: Offices Shall be Provided with 3X32 Amperes Provision

Data and Telephony: Offices Shall Be Provided With CAT 6 Unified Data Cable for High Speed Internet and Telephony, Provision for Fibre Optic Point, Phone Point and SMATV; At The Entrance of the Hall of the Office

Generators: Emergency Stand-By Generators; 1000KVA each providing a Total of 4,000 KVA with Filters; Kohler Brand with Heat Recovery System For Energy Saving


Elevators: · Number of Elevators: 3
· Brand: Kone (Finland)
· Speed: 2.5m/s
· Capacity: 1,150kg - 9 persons
· Type: Monospace With Destination Control System
· Connected to the Project's Permanent UPS

Common Areas


  • First Choice Mediterranean Grey Marble andWhite Marble Cut to size
  • Decorative high quality paint (Guittet) in lift lobbies
  • LED lighting
  • Stretch PVC false ceiling in lift lobbies. Imported from France


  • Grey color agglomerate tile


  • Smoke detectors according to NFPA


    Emergency stand-by power generation plant of 4MVA capacity covering all building load requirements, equipped with soot filters

    • Number of Generators: 4
    • Brand: Kohler (USA)
    • Capacity: 1,000 KVA each, full load for each unit
    • Heat recovery system for energy saving purposes


    LED façade lighting RGB with dynamic programmed lighting shows 

    • Façade Type: Modular System
    • Material: Custom made aluminum profile with 50mm thick, 110 kg/m3 Rockwool insulating material in non-vision areas
    • Glazing Type: Double glazing of 35.52mm thickness (8mm outer pane, 16mm spacer, 5mm clear tempered glass, 1.52mm clear OVB, 5mm clear tempered glass)
    • Glazing Material: Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite SKN 154 (France), with glare reduction and thermal and acoustic insulation properties