Security Systems

In order to ensure complete safety for the tower’s occupants, security measures are initiated and implemented.


Sama Beirut is designed according to the strict US standards (NFPA; the reference in high rise buildings). The presence of detectors, alarms, sprinklers, fire rated doors, fire reserve tanks, etc. in the entire building allows occupants to safely escape from the occurrence of any fire hazard. All elevators and landing doors are two hours fire rated. Upon receiving a signal from the fire detector, the elevators return to the main lobby, let the passengers out, and remain there, idle, with open doors. The building is also equipped with a firefighter elevator serving all floors as well as an evacuation elevator to be used by the firefighters.


Sama Beirut is the tallest building in the capital. The technical design used, while known and executed across the world in high-rise buildings, remains a first in Lebanon. It has the main objective of enhancing the stability of the solid reinforced core wall while securing the comfort of the occupants so that they do not feel any movement of the building as a result of any seismic or wind load. Sama Beirut’s structure can thus withstand the equivalent of an earthquake of up to magnitude 7 on the Richter scale.