Green Features

In its efforts to be a LEED Certified Green building, Sama Beirut acts with responsibility when it comes to the community. Sama Beirut offers non-standard solutions to its owners, addressing practicality, privacy, and environmental issues without jeopardizing luxury and comfort.


Sama Beirut has adopted several waste management techniques and measures to reduce the impact of the daily waste volume. A tri sorting chute system equips the project. Each and every office and apartment has a three bin compartment for recycling the waste: one for paper and cardboard, one for aluminum, metals glass and plastics and a third one for organic and other refuse wastes. Sink Grinders are installed in the apartments’ kitchens.


Sama Beirut has taken measures both to minimize the impact of the exhaust it generates and to enhance the quality of the indoor environmental conditions. Therefore, all construction materials are environmentally friendly; exhaust systems, ducts and permeable materials are equipped with high efficiency filters.


Sama Beirut consumes 30% less water: A 200m3/day capacity waste water treatment plant stores the treated water in the flush water tanks, the irrigation tank and the treated tank for the cooling towers. The selected trees, plants and flowers have limited water needs, thus reducing by at least 50% the irrigation demands.