Energy Saving

Every detail, whether glazing, lighting, chillers or hot water pre-heat is designed to help save 30% of building energy.


Sama Beirut has chosen the pioneer in energy saving solutions for elevators; the Finland based KONE®. Three lifts serve the offices part of the building. These run at a speed of 2.5 m/s with a capacity of 9 persons each. The residential part is served by 6 elevators running at speeds of 4m/s and 5m/s; the fastest in Lebanon. Each elevator has a capacity of 10 persons. Sama Beirut elevators consume 40% less energy, while requiring 54% less power to operate.


Sama Beirut is embracing LED lighting systems. The typical lifetime of LED is 50 times longer than the incandescent bulb. Hence, LEDs in Sama Beirut achieves energy savings of 30% on lighting and 10% on HVAC.


Sama Beirut is equipped with 4 generators set of 1,000 KVA each. By installing a heat recovery system, these generators are also used to back up the project’s heating system.


Sama Beirut’s glass panels were selected for their exceptional energy conservation properties, with a heat transmittance coefficient that is more than four times lower than a conventional single glazing glass and over two times lower than conventional double glazing. As a result, Sama Beirut owners are capable of reducing heating and cooling consumption.


Sama Beirut has opted for central centrifugal chillers with variable flow compressors. This system consumes 57% less electricity than a VRV system.