LED facade lighting RGB with dynamic programmed lighting shows. Facade Type: Modular System . Material: Custom made aluminum profile with 50mm thick, 110 kg/m3 Rockwool insulating material in non-vision areas. Glazing Type: Double glazing of 35.52mm thickness (8mm outer pane, 16mm spacer, 5mm clear tempered glass, 1.52mm clear OVB, 5mm clear tempered glass). Glazing Material: Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite SKN 154 (France), with glare reduction and thermal and acoustic insulation properties.


First Choice Mediterranean Grey Marble and White Marble Cut to size. Decorative high quality paint (Guittet) in lift lobbies. LED lighting. Staircase made with grey color agglomerate tile.


Emergency stand-by power generation plant of 4MVA capacity covering all building load requirements, equipped with soot filters. Number of Generators: 4. Brand: Kohler (USA). Capacity: 1,000 KVA each, full load for each unit.
Heat recovery system for energy saving purposes.